And you thought being a student was hard...

Before my time as a Communication professor at Ivy Tech, I spent many years doing corporate and organizational training. When I decided to become an instructor, I thought it couldn't be much different from what I did for companies. Boy, I couldn't be more wrong! Although I'd never tell my students, I learn more from them than they will ever learn from me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where is my syllabus for my life?

Whew! Things have gotten crazy this semester! After I got back from a fabulous girls only Spring Break, everyone and everything needed my undivided attention.

So you can see why it took a little while to get back to my blogs!

Besides catching up on grading (which, I swear, next semester there will be one test with one multiple choice answer that will determine their whole grade!), I started two 8-week courses, have had meetings galore in Indy, loads of family things, and now I'm at the CSCA (Central States Communication Association) conference in Cincinnati. It's sad that it took a conference for me to be able to take a moment to myself and blog!

I've been making a lot of noises at my school about changes that need to be made. However, I'm one of those people that not only makes noises, but offers solutions and is willing to do the work it takes to get it done. That's starting to bite me on the ass big time now. I'm over-committed and over-whelmed. In less than four week, though, it will all be over and I can relax - until June!